Home Remedies for Tired-Looking Eyes

Tired eyes

Tired eyes are one of the most common beauty problems. It is very important to take the best care of your eyes and take corrective actions to correct your tired eyes because tired can cause headache, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and if prevailed for a long time it can cause poor vision also. Here are some simple, home remedies to relieve your tired eyes.

Cucumber: CucumberCucumber has natural cooling properties which give relief to tired eyes. Take a chilled cucumber and cut it into slices. Take two slices and place them over the eyes for about 10 minutes or until they become warm. Repeat the process several times a day. Cool slices will help in removing under eye puffiness and refreshing your tired eyes.

Potato: Potato on eyesJust like cucumber, potatoes are also effective in getting rid of tired eyes. Potato contains catecholase which is an enzyme that helps in removing the dark circles under the eye because it acts as skin lightener. Take a chilled potato and cut it into slices, take two slices and put slices on both eyes. It will give a refreshing feeling and will de-stress your eyes. 

Water: eyes washTake chilled water in a mug and wash your eyes with cool water. You are also drink plenty of water during day hours or drink lemon water 2-3 times a day because it help in hydration of the body thus relieving tension and stress and puffiness under the eyes. 

Tea Bags: tea bagsUsed tea bags is the best remedy for eyes. They contain anti-irritant properties that help reduce swelling around your eyes and relieve from tired eyes. Soak 2 teabags in hot water for a few minutes, then take them out. Place these tea bags in the refrigerator for some times and keep it on your eyelids for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This method can help in curing your tired eyes and you will feel fresh after using this natural remedy.

Strawberries: strawberriesThe alpha hydroxy acid present in strawberries which give relief to tired eyes. It helps to make skin look smooth and young. Chill some strawberries in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then cut the slices into thick pieces. Lie down and place slices over the eyes for several minutes.

Olive Oil: Olive oilTake olive oil in a bowl and soak cotton in it. Apply olive oil over the eyes using cotton balls. Massage slowly after applying olive oil for about 10 to 15 minutes.