Yoga Poses for Naturally Glowing Skin


Yoga is one of the most natural ways of improving skin health. It is the best ways to get glowing skin. Here are some yoga poses for beauty that will help improve your blood circulation and will give you a more radiant and youthful look and feel.

Pranayam: Pranayam

Pranayam, one of the simplest yoga techniques. It is usually a breathing exercise. To practice pranyam, curl your tongue such that the sides are curled towards the center, stick it out and take a deep breath from your mouth. Hold the breath for about five seconds, shut your mouth and breathe out from your nostrils. Repeat this 15 to 20 times. Regular practice of pranayam helps to rid our body of toxins—physical, mental and emotional. It is good for skin. Your skin will look beautiful and stress-free.

Surya Namaskar: Surya namaskar

This is called the mother of all yoga asanas. There are 12 postures in this one asana. It de-stresses your mind, removes all toxins, and helps in relaxing. If you practice regularly, your skin is sure to get a glow.

Vajrasana Pose: Vajrasana

Vajrasana is also known as diamond pose. It enhances the supply of energy and blood to the upper part of our body. Sit on the knees while resting the back on your heels. Place the palms on the thighs. Keep the back straight, inhale, and exhale deeply. Sit in this position for two minutes at a stretch.

Halasana: Halasana

Relax and lie down straight on your mat. Your arms are by your side, with the palms facing down. Now, with the help of your upper body strength, curl up your lower limbs along with your waist and bring them forward above your head. Initially you might need help with the following but soon you will.

Cobra Pose: Cobra pose

Cobra pose is a yoga posture that is beneficial not only for your glowing healthy skin but also for your back pain reliever. For this pose lie down on your front and then with the help of your fore arm strength and palm push yourself upwards. All this while make sure your lower body remains pressed to the ground. Curve your upper body so that you can easily tilt your head backwards. Relax and repeat.