Best Core Strengthening Exercises For Beginners

Best exercises for beginners

Below are the best core strengthening exercises for beginners. Core muscle strengthening not only tones the abs but also strengthens the back as well. These exercises when performed in the correct manner can strengthen and give support to the back and abdomen. 

Crunches: CrunchesCrunches are counted as one of the best and a must do core strengthening exercise. There are many types of crunches, a beginner should start from the easiest method in order to minimize injuries. To perform crunches, lay straight on your back and then tuck your palms beneath the neck. Follow that by folding the knees so that you form a hill shape with your legs. Now, slowly pull up your shoulders and go up 10-12 inches. Maintain the posture for 1-2 seconds and then go back down to the floor. Repeat 10 to 12 times in 1-3 sets each.

Leg Lifts: Leg-liftsLeg lifts are also very helpful for strengthening the abdominal core muscles. Beginners should start this exercise by lifting one leg at a time and then slowly proceed to lifting both legs at once as the comfort level. For this exercise, lie down flat on your back and then slid both the palms beneath your back to support the back bone and to get some support. Now slowly rise one leg 10-12 inches high while keeping the other leg rested on the ground. Maintain the posture for 30 seconds and then slowly bring down the leg to rest on the ground. Repeat the same process with the other leg. Repeat the set 8-10 times by leg alternating.

Knee Side Planks: Knee side planksTo perform a knee side plank lie down on one side of your waist with the hand of that side folded over the ground in a 90 degree angle. Place one feet over the other and then fold your legs a bit so that your body weight remains on the side part of your body, your knees and legs and on your arm and elbow. Stay in position for a few seconds and then come down to the floor. Repeat 1-3 minutes on each side. 

Dish Hold: Dish hold

This is another core muscle exercise that will help you strengthen your abdominal core muscles and the back as well. For this exercise, lie down flat on the ground and keep your hands by the side of your body, completely stretched out. Now raise your head and shoulders 10-12 inches above the ground and do the same with the legs as well, so that you form a dish shaped structure. Breathe normal and make sure that you don’t bend the neck or pull up the back part of your body. Hold the posture as long as you can.