Control Fleas Naturally With Common Household Items


Fleas are found in the bodies of pets like dogs and cats. They can also be attached to the human body. Flea eggs spread in the house. If you want to prevent problems by fleas, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are the best home remedies that help in removing fleas.

Lemon: Lemon WaterLemon spray can be used for removing fleas. Add lemon slices in water and boil it. Remove lemon slices in water and leave this water the whole night. Spray the solution on the next day in the whole house. Apply this solution on the body of your pet. This remedy should be done one time in a month. 

Salt: saltSpreading salt in the house can help in removing fleas. When the fleas are exposed to salt, its body becomes dehydrated and dry, which leads to its death. Spread table salt on carpets all over the house. Vacuum clean the carpets after two days. Fleas will be destroyed.

White Vinegar: VinegarSpray made with white vinegar is very good for treating the problem of fleas. Mix water with the vinegar and fill in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on fabrics you use. You can also spray it on carpets and other places of your house. Do this remedy two times in a week.

Essential Oil: Lavender OilEssential oil is also helpful to get rid of fleas. Mix little water to the essential oil and apply on your dog’s body. You can use oils like rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Don’t use essential oils for cats.

Boric Acid: Boric acidYou can use boric acid powder for controlling fleas. Vacuum clean the whole house while discarding the vacuum bag. Apply boric acid on carpet with a broom. Vacuum clean the carpet. The flea will be killed with this.