Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

Below are natural methods to confirm a pregnancy at home itself.

Toothpaste: ToothpasteOne of the simplest and most effective ways of confirming your pregnancy is toothpaste that we are using to clean our teeth every day. Take a clean container and collect your urine in it first thing in the morning. Keep the container aside. If after a short while, the toothpaste changes blue in color or turns frothy, you are pregnant.

Soap Water: Soap waterSoap water is also another way to confirm your pregnancy. Collect your urine in a small container first thing in the morning. Add it to concentrated soap solution (you can use any soap for the test). If the solution begins to bubble, chances are high you may be pregnant.

Bleach Powder: Bleach PowderOne of the best home remedies to confirm a pregnancy involves the use of bleach. The test is really simple. Collect the first urine of the day and add some bleaching powder to it. If you are pregnant, the urine will react with the bleaching powder and start foaming and fizzing.

Mustard Powder: Mustard PowderFill a tub with water and mix 2 cups of fresh mustard powder in the water. Lie down in the water and relax. After 20 min gets out of the tub and takes a shower with warm water. So if you are not pregnant, you would definitely get your periods within the next 4-5 days. If you don’t get your periods, then you can confirm that you are pregnant. 

Vinegar and Tuna: Vinegar and TunaThis method of testing your pregnancy at home involves using a of 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of tuna juice. The solution needs to be kept overnight. Collect the first sample of your urine in the morning and pour it into the tuna-vinegar solution. If you are pregnant, the solution would turn bright green. However, if it turns yellow or orange, you are not pregnant.