How to Cure Jet Lag Naturally?


Jet lag is a temporary disorder that happens mostly with travelers who would travel in different time zones. Symptoms of jet lag are temporary and include insomnia, irritability, indigestion, and disorientation. There are some home remedies that can be used to stay away from jet lag conditions. Below mentioned are some of the home remedies that you can make use of to stay away and to get rid of jet lag. 

Rosemary Oil: rosemary-oilRosemary oil is the best home remedy that can make your body to get rid of jet lag conditions. It provides a quick relief from the symptoms that are caused by jet lag. Having half a cup of water and mixed with a few drops of rosemary oil. Drink this solution twice a day. Rosemary oil has the soothing effects that can bring a natural sleep to your body at the desired times. 

Sesame Oil: Seasame oilSesame oil can be used to heal the headaches and the dizziness that is caused by jet lag conditions. Take few drops of sesame oil and rub them all over your feet. Massage your feet so that the nerves of your feet can make your body get relaxed and the sesame oil gets into your skin to fall asleep at the needed time. Sesame oil is the best home remedy that can be used before going to sleep. 

Epsom Salt: Epsom saltEpsom salt is also good remedy to relief from jet lag condition. Mix the Epsom salt to cold water and take a bath using it. When the Epsom salt touches your skin, it helps in getting rid of the fatigue and other side effects that has been formed by a jet-lagged condition. 

Warm Milk: MilkMilk has the ability to make a human body get relaxed and lets the body stay relaxed. Add some ginger to the warm milk and drink them before going to bed. 

Drink Water: waterDrink plenty of water before, during, and after travel. Dehydration can make jet lag symptoms worse.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile TeaChamomile tea has the ability to calm your nerves and makes your body to stay focused with the time zone to which you are about to travel with. You can drink chamomile tea twice a day to get rid of the nervousness that happens due to the change in the time zones.