Nutrition is the Key to Great Hair

Healthy hair and skin

We all want beautiful thick, long and shiny hair. We use many types of hair products and home remedies for improving the condition of hair. The best option of hair is nutrients that nourish the hair internally. The diet should consist of healthy foods that are beneficial for the hair. Here are some nutrients that make your hair healthy and strong.

Protein: ProteinOur hair has protein as an important component. You have enough protein in your diet is crucial for making hair strong and healthy. Protein is made of amino acids. The hair contains lysine, which is a type of protein molecule. If you are not consuming enough protein in your diet, your hair is likely to become dry, brittle and weak. So you should eat foods that contain protein. Tofu, dairy foods, beans, egg white, tuna, salmon and lentils are good for you.

Zinc: Zinc foodsZinc deficiency is known to cause hair fall and many other problems. Thus, you can prevent hair problems by taking zinc rich foods. The best foods that contain this nutrient are spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, chocolates, beans, mushrooms and oysters.

Iron: Iron rich foodsIron is an important mineral for hair and too little iron (anemia) is a major cause of hair. Iron is required for growth of hair. Iron is present in foods like legumes, beans, spinach and nuts. Non-vegetarians can eat clams, turkey, oysters and poultry.

Vitamin B: Vitamin BVitamin B is a useful nutrient for improving the condition of hair. It makes the hair grow faster. The best foods that contain this nutrient are tofu, skim milk and cheese. Non-vegetarian should eat eggs, mackerel, crab and shellfish.

Vitamin C: vitamin cVitamin C helps to improve scalp circulation and prevents hair fall so it is very good for hair. Citrus fruits like lemon and orange are good for hair. You can also eat kiwi, kale, guava, strawberries, papaya, coconut juice, broccoli, red capsicum, sweet potatoes, blackcurrants and blueberries.

Omega 3 Fats: Omega 3 acidsOmega 3 fats are very good nutrients for making the hair healthy, shiny and strong. Fatty fishes are the best sources of this nutrient. You can eat salmon and sardines. Vegetarians can get the nutrients by eating ground flax seed. You can also take omega 3 fat supplements.