Simple Tips on How to Increase Calcium Level


Calcium is an important nutrient required for the proper functioning of our body organs. It improves the health of our bones and teeth. It is required for making nervous system and muscular system healthy. Lack of calcium in diet causes many types of health problems including weak bones and teeth. It is the major cause of bone diseases like bone loss. Here are some tips to increase calcium level.

Eat Dairy Foods: Dairy foodsDairy foods are the best sources of calcium. Eating these foods will help in preventing calcium deficiency. Milk, yogurt and cheese are healthy foods for us. Make sure that dairy foods you choose contain very less amount of fat.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Green leafy vegetablesDairy foods are not the only source of calcium, lot of vegetables especially green leafy vegetables are rich source of calcium. For example, three-fourth cup of collard greens has as much calcium as there is in one cup of cow’s milk. Leafy green vegetables and broccoli are also great sources of vitamin K, another key nutrient for bone health.

Dried Fruits and Nuts: Dried fruits and nutsMany dried fruits are high in calcium. In fact, eating five dried figs per day gives you 135mg of calcium. Almonds are also extremely high in calcium. Row or ground into nut butter, almond hold 266mg of calcium per 100g.

Sunlight Exposure: Sunlight exposureYou can also get vitamin D through sunlight. Sitting in the sunlight without applying sunscreen will help in getting vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption. The best time to get sunlight exposure is before ten o clock in morning. After this avoid the sunlight.

Catfish: CatfishWe need vitamin D for absorbing calcium in our body. Catfish is a healthy fish for non-vegetarian people. The fish is rich in vitamin D so it is very good for getting enough calcium. The fish is inexpensive to buy.

Oranges: OrangesThe vitamin C in oranges is good for your immune system, but oranges are also an incredible source of bone strengthening calcium. Fresh squeezed orange juice is a great way to start your day.