Super Foods For Flawless Skin

Beautiful skin

Foods that are high in antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, and selenium, help keep your skin well protected and nourished. Here are the best foods to get beautiful and flawless skin.

Green Tea: Green TeaGreen tea is great for your skin as well as overall health. Free radicals mainly cause premature ageing and make skin look dull. Anti-oxidants present in green tea help prevent free radical damage to the skin. It may even help prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer. So add green tea to your daily diet to keep your skin smiling with natural glow. 

Yogurt: YogurtYogurt works as a wonder when it comes to keep skin soft, supple and healthy. It helps to make your skin glowing. It contains anti-ageing properties with high amount of lactic acid and zinc that help promote skin health. It also contains good amount of fats that help moisturise dry skin. Yogurt helps in removing dead skin cells, preventing acne, reducing fine lines, moisturising dry skin patches, and rejuvenating dull and damaged skin. 

Walnut: WalnutsWalnut is good source of vitamin B that acts as major stress and mood balancer. It decreases stress levels in the body that further helps in preventing wrinkles and slowing down ageing process. It also contain vitamin E that act as powerful antioxidant and help fight off free radicals that cause damage to the skin cells. Walnut scrub is used to remove dead skin cells, reduce wrinkles and dull skin. It can also be consumed on daily basis to keep skin glowing naturally. 

Papaya: PapayaPapaya is an excellent source of vitamin C that helps protect skin cells against UV rays. Papaya is also rich in the enzyme papain, which helps nourish and support healthy skin by breaking down dead skin cells.

Strawberries: strawberriesStrawberries are not only sweet in taste, even it also provide youthful and healthy skin. It also rich in antioxidants and healthy nutrients. It helps to fight off early ageing signs. Strawberries also helps to reduce wrinkles and hydrate skin naturally.