What Foods to Eat During Recovery After Surgery?

Eating Superfoods after Surgery

Eating certain nutritious foods after surgery minimizes your pain, speeds up your recovery, and heals your wound in a short time span. Here are the best foods that you should eat after surgery.

Water: waterDrinking plenty of water after surgery keeps your body hydrated and prevents dehydration. It alleviates feeling such as light-headness, fatigue and nausea.

Almonds: AlmondsAlmonds are rich in vitamin E. This vitamin plays a vital role in healing and building up scar tissues after the surgery. You can eat two or three almonds every day after surgery. 

Beans: BeansBeans are rich in iron, which aids in the production of red blood cells. Including beans in your diet helps you have adequate hemoglobin count and feel energetic after surgery. 

Citrus Fruits: fruitsCitrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps repair soft tissue and collagen. Vitamin C also prevents risk of over sensitizing your nerves. Eat oranges, grapefruit, limes, and other citrus fruits daily after surgery. 

Whole Grains: GrainsConstipation is common health issue after surgery due to pain and medications. Whole grains are a great source of fiber, which helps you have smooth bowel movements and prevents constipation after surgery. Including whole grains in your diet will help prevent it.

Potatoes: PotatoesSweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which is essential for good cell growth and boosting your immunity substantially. Also, it helps your body to fight all possible infections and speeds up your recovery. You can include sweet potatoes in your regular diet and meals after surgery. 

Mushrooms: MushroomMushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which is an important nutrient required to promote bone healing after surgery. Adding mushrooms to your diet helps your bones heal and grow stronger in a short time span.